The Shires of York

A Fantasy Series, in Six Parts by Joseph Murphy-James


The Series ...

One: The Age of Darkness
Two: Turmoil
Three: First Republic
Four: War
Five: Curse
Six: The Last Guardian?

The Prequels ...

The Prequels

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Epic Fantasy, well told. If you like fantasy, you'll love this series from Joseph Murphy-James.
The quest: To prevent domination of the Shires of York by the Dämonen, demons who crave power above all else. Currently exiled by the powerful Elven who control four Veils that provide a path between the incorporeal land of the devils and the Shires, the Dämonen seek the Crystals of the Veils, keys that will open the portals.
Set in Yorkshire, and interlaced with fantasy, skilfully, the tale mixes an old and a new world. The story uses the history of the Shires of York as a backdrop, a seam so rich that it provides unmatched theatre.
Mankind is a puppet in the game and continues its pointless skirmishes whilst a bigger battle is fought to keep the Dämonen from dominating. Occasionally, the Fantasy World intersects the lives of the mortal inhabitants of the Shires and the consequences are unexpected. The Veils of the Shires of York are at the centre of the Epic Adventure and key players confront each other in an effort to dominate using the crystals as their primary weapon.
A Series of Six Parts, each representing a different Stage of Yorkshire's History from the departure of the Romans, arrival of the Vikings, the Norman Conquest, rise of the Cistercian order, the Pestilence of the Black Death and then the War of the Roses, featuring the biggest battle fought on English soil.
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