The Shires of York

A Fantasy Series, in Six Parts by Joseph Murphy-James


The Series ...

One: The Age of Darkness
Two: Turmoil
Three: First Republic
Four: War
Five: Curse
Six: The Last Guardian?

The Prequels ...

The Prequels

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England's Yorkshire is a pretty place of moors, dales, coasts, lovely villages and a fine history tracing back centuries. So imagine it as a backdrop for a rich fantasy world that weaves the real Yorkshire into an epic tale involving demons, dragons, elven, witches, wizards, dwarves and much more.
The story is told in six parts, telling of a struggle between the forces of the underworld and the Legion of the Deity, assisted by their Elven allies. At the centre of the story are the Veils of the Shires of York. They provide a pathway between Dämonen and the Shires, the only route. To open any of the four veils requires three crystals; whoever controls the crystals commands the Shires of York. The Dämonen crave domination and an unlikely alliance seeks to stop them.
Each novel in the series is set in a different stage of Yorkshire's history; time flows at a different rate for the Dämonen and that gives their actions a hint of spice.
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