The Shires of York

A Fantasy Series, in Six Parts by Joseph Murphy-James

Two: Turmoil

The Series ...

One: The Age of Darkness
Two: Turmoil
Three: First Republic
Four: War
Five: Curse
Six: The Last Guardian?

The Prequels ...

The Prequels

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Turmoil is the second book in the Shires of York series. The Vikings have arrived at the coast of the Shires of York and the witches want them to implement the Danelaw so that they can practice their craft without interference. With their sorcery, they help the Vikings win a decisive battle in York and accidentally cause a cascade of events that lead to turmoil within the Shires.
Meanwhile, Lady Tanja's arrival in Dämonen is creating new conflict that High Priest Albert intends to prevent, but can he? The dragons push themselves to centre stage, aiming to restore peace to a troubled Shires of York.
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