The Shires of York

A Fantasy Series by Joseph Murphy-James

The Prequels

The Series ...

One: The Age of Darkness
Two: Turmoil
Three: First Republic
Four: War
Five: Curse
Six: The Last Guardian?

The Prequels ...

The Prequels

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The Shires of York is and Epic Fantasy Series by Joseph Murphy-James that mixes a rich fantasy world with the history of Yorkshire, a rich seam to be mined.
The Prequels are stand-alone editions of the Shires of York and The Elven Crystals tells the story of how the exile of the Dämonen happened and the Veils of York, pathways between the land of the devils and the Shires of York, came to be.
The tale opens with the Elven discussing an agreement reached between the Lord of the Deity and the Leader of the Underworld. They are unhappy and want the discourse wrecked and normality to return to the Shires. It's never that easy.
Coming Soon The Shires of York Prequel - The Exile of Tanja
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